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If you are dedicated and can follow it for the 4 Days-You will lose weight!

Or follow plan for 1 Day and lose 2-5 lbs. Great for Special Occassions, Parties, Class Reunion etc...

Use whenever you need to drop extra lbs!

But no cheating allowed!

A crash diet or fad diet is a quick weight loss plan

This is a healthy balanced crash diet or fad diet, to help you lose weight fast



Recent Testimonials

This is me in a two piece only a few months after having my daughter. It really works!!!  Cindi

I cannot thank you enough. I really have enjoyed my time on this wonderful plan. Yesterday I was already down 10 pounds at the beginning of day 4 (today). I truly understand why I have not lost weight now...this plan can really change lives. I will do this more often in conjunction with the WW plan. Again, thanks so much for your email, if I didn't get a response there's no telling if I would have completed this plan. regards, patricia

All l have to say is wow, I really didn't think it would work as well as it did.  I lost 10lbs in 3 days.  Wow. Thanks.

My name is Chrissy.  I am a 23 year old swimsuit model.  This diet has helped me loose fast , when it is really important and the extra lbs have to come off or I lose my job.  Thanks for this great diet.  I use it all the time!             Chrissy

Try it!!!!! Youíll be so happy!!! After one week on the diet all my clothes are fitting better and Iím even getting into some of the things that were a little snug.  I cook for a living, so if I can do this, and not cheat, so can anybody. Thank you so much!!!!! I have a ways to go, but with the help of this remarkable diet I feel like Iím on my way!!!!

Just got it and started .My stomach was flat on the second day. It burns fat and you feel it working. I'm so glad I found this diet. Pam

In the first day, I lost three pounds. I had more energy and felt really energenic. I will do it whenever I have a few to lose over any other diet plan. Sandi. Naples, FL

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! Will keep using as I am actually losing weight. Love it. --Lila. AK on

The best diet ever! How did you develop? It's tough but it's really amazing and the results are immediate. I only did it two days and lost 6 lbs. INCREDIBLE. THANK YOU -- Cheri. Yardley, PA on

I have tried diets and this one really works!!!!!! If you want to lose weight and you use this diet, you will lose weight. - Jackie IL on  .

I thought it was a gimmick. But, It's working great. And after only 1 day I highly recommend this diet. Thank you. -- Linda CA on

Thank you! I have never been so excited about a diet before. I LOVE this diet! -- Susan. New York, NY on 

People who want to lose weight; this is the diet for you. I have lost 13 pounds and I'm very happy. I had no trouble at all sleeping. If you're motivated to lose weight, this diet really helped me. 5 Stars, highly recommended!! -- Mark. Dallas, TX

 First of all THANK YOU!!! I have thoroughly enjoyed this program and its results! I lost
12 lbs last week during the 4 days and thank you for taking time to answer my questions.

Thank you, thank you you've changed my life and appearance.
Too bad I didn't know about this sooner. To date I've lost 24lbs and counting. I will tell everyone I know who wants to lose weight.

I've tried other diets, but none of them have ever worked for me. I've been able to meet my goals and I feel GREAT ! Thanks

Hey  I told you I would let you know my results.  I lost 11 lbs in 4 days.  Thanks again

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